Friday, 19 December 2008

The Room

For whoever wanted to see this: here it is

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Why I don’t Blog: Christmas season tends to keep me busy

The most recent reason I don’t blog (or, haven’t been blogging) is because we’ve all been working on our Christmas show-- preparing for most of November & then perform here & there throughout December. It’s basically a re-take on last year’s show with mostly the same costumes, props & songs plus a couple additions-- most noticeable of which is Rachel who came from Spain & has been a big blessing. I’ve been giving her tips & ideas for choreography & stuff which I’m sure has really helped her a lot too. :D (I am SO gonna get hit for that.)

Since Celeste & Angelique have been super busy with school 10 hours a day it’s a very good thing that Rachel was here to work on stuff while they were away. They have to fit their word time, dinner time & dance practice into what’s left of their day & then go to bed early & then work all weekend. So God bless them, they’re going to be wiped out come Boxing Day. But that’s how we keep them out of trouble.

Of course we (Agnès & myself) had to make another set of costumes for Rachel, cane & swanky hat included. I get why she gets so much crap on her blog: she’s a very special person with qualities that would make people jealous AND, at the same time, she’s lots of fun to tease-- ESPECIALLY since we have officially decided that she’s Irish (for PR—the French love anything Irish).

As for me, I don’t do much on stage, I mainly stick to lighting & changing backdrops. But I’ve been working a good deal on the music tracks & helping Bénédicte re-arrange the outline of the show, adding fill music where needed etc. I’ve also had to get down to producing music without Peter, which I HAVE done before but I’ve always ran it past him to fix up & mix down. So that’s new & I’m not always sure with the same results.

Thankfully Oli is around to do all the technical stuff when it comes to show time—all the electronic stuff, sound engineering & setting up. Oh, yes: we figured out the most efficient way to pack all our equipment & props into the smallest vehicle space. Good times.

We stole the “Lord of the Dance” theme music & mixed it with the old French Christmas carol which was adapted into English as “Blow the Trumpet & Beat the Drum” & they do the whole Irish tap-dancing thing to it. The French just love that sort of thing.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, praise the Lord, most likely due to our lineup of hot girls plus my witty use of lights & smoke… No, seriously I’m good. Oh well, it MIGHT have SOMETHING to do with all the collective work, prayer & sacrifices we’ve put in as a home to make it work & the Lords Spirit which makes everyday like Christmas.
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