Monday, 10 November 2008

Does Funny=Sexy?

Not to look stupid or give off the impression that I know absolutely NOTHING about women, but I’ve been sworn to that women find funny sexy. This is very disturbing for me & I’ll tell you why. I am now forced to face one of several choices:

1) It’s a lie. Maybe they just SAY that in case they start laughing when the guy drops his trousers “No! Funny is SEXY…” (If this is the right answer then this post is a waste of your time. Please leave a comment to inform me so & then surf off somewhere else)

2) And THIS is the one that keeps me up at night: I’m not even NEARLY as funny as I think I am.

3) Being ugly trumps being funny. (And THAT would hurt a LITTLE.)

4) My personal favourite: All the women I know have an IMPRESSIVE gift of self-control. Yes, the giggling is all they can do to keep from tearing my clothes off with their teeth.

And all along I thought humour was just a defense mechanism. Well, in light of this soul searching dilemma I will be of few words. If you’re a woman who knows how it works or a dude who knows how it doesn't work, please enlighten us with your feedback.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Dispising the Shame

Another thing you'd probably expect to find on my blog.
I've lived on a shelf just for myself & I've made merry
And I have tried to seize the coolest breeze that could me carry.
Compromise had shut my eyes when I thought I was bluffing,
Fool, instead of folding I was left there holding nothing.
Those that jeered & sneered is what I feared & most respected,
But now I've chosen God, & their applaud I've have rejected.

Now I'm despising the shame,
That I receive in His name.
And aye, they call me profane,
I'm called by his name.
We're the same.

Verse 2
I will take this cross unto the lost & I will wear it,
The fire & the frost, I count the cost & I will bear it.
And I will bear the scorn that He has borne so undeserving,
As they call me the bastard of the Master that I'm serving.

He is no fool who gives what he connot keep,
To gain what he cannot lose.
I dare to bear the wrath with they,
Who live to laugh another day.
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