Monday, 30 March 2009

Whither Shall I Go?

‘Cuz I know that a lot of people are wondering what the hell we were thinking.

It’s a classic Family Song by “Ruth Selah” inspired from Psalm 139 (verses 7-9 particularly), used to be my dad’s favorite & was consequently one of the first songs I ever learned to play on guitar (at the tender age of 8) with it’s simple, basic chords (D, A & Em) second ONLY to “I’m In Love With Jesus” (with it’s even LESS demanding chord structure of D & A).

WHY, then, would we deliberately go out of our way to complicate the chords, muck up the melody & throw this minor gimmick all over the place? I‘ve gotta say, it DID used to be this sweet sort of song about how the Lord will always be there beside us no matter what we go through, so HOW does Metanoya get off turning it into this distressful sounding song like we always seem come out with?
If you weren’t already asking yourself this question, I’m sorry for ruining it for you.

However, IF you’re a more purist appreciator of Family classics, probably thinking that that’s the just only kind of music we know how to make, or we just wouldn’t think it was cool if we couldn’t put a semi depressive twist on a song regardless of what it’s about (no doubt due to some negative spiritual influence we’re being oppressed by) THEN you might find this explanation interesting:

If you look at this passage, as I said above, as a sweet reassurance that God will always be there beside us as a support & comforter, then the rather disturbed feeling we put into the arrangement might seem quite inappropriate. But what I was trying to portray in our rendition was the story of a soul who was TRYING to flee God’s presence. There have been times in my life when I just WISHED God’s voice would shut up & give me a break—you know, when our Heavenly Father sometimes comes across as a nagging mother? But He had mercy on me & wouldn’t let me go.

I am humbled by the thought of some who have gone before me, better men than I, who fell by the wayside of God’s blessing by straying from His Will. And I can only thank the Lord that He has not yet let me weasel out from underneath the crushing millstone of the conviction of His Holy Spirit.

Read the chapter again in this light & imagine toying with the prospect of descending into the depths of the sea, making your bed in hell & thinking that the darkness could hide you. Then realizing that wherever you run there will always be...that voice.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Suggestive Rhyme

I was going through some archives on my computer & found this old poem I wrote. You kind of have to read it out loud & with the right rhythm or it doesn't work.

When a word's well rhymed
It can play with your mind
And plunge you in wild reflection
If I fail to tame it
I beg you to blame it
On my relentless, throbbing er...upting headache

My art, don't diss it.
If you find it explicit,
Well, that's just the difference between us:
I don't deserve
To be labled a perve
For exibiting my short, hardy p...oem

You, however
Have issues to wether
Your head is outlandish & corny
And you're getting all fired
And a little bit wired
Just 'cause I'm so helplessly hor...rible at rhyming

Unto the pure
All things will be pure
Like those eggs they're eating at China
But thay can't say it's wrong
To be more turned on
By your wife's hot, waiting v...ery yummy spaghetti

My verses have style
They've made people smile
I recite them for parties & guests.
They suck, but who damns?
It works well with the fans
I get blown by the ones with large b...lades
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