Sunday, 17 January 2010

Not A Real Blog Post

Another episode in Why I Don't Blog, this month's latest excuse is because I've been busy over the Christmas/New Years season. From October & on we've been working on creating, selling & performing our Christmas show, then since Christmas we've been working on editing the footage for a DVD & trailer so we can start promoting it for next year. The "DVD" is a tedious work in progress--God bless Raph, he's been doing most of the work--but I'm gonna post the trailer which I personally had a lot more fun creating. Maybe because it was more of a low-commitment sort of project. Unfortunately, it's all in French, but it should give you an idea of what's been keeping us all busy here for the last few months.

As if people still visit this blog:
'A la Poursuite de l'Etoile' translates literally as 'In Pursuit Of A Star', but more properly as 'Following a Star'. It's the story of two children; a poor boy (Patric Ross) who is sad because he won't be getting any presents for Christmas, & a rich girl (Heloise Verger) who is so rich she already has all the presents & gifts she could ever want & has nothing to look forward to for Christmas. They both wish on a star to be able to find Christmas cheer. A magical singing doll (Benedicte Ross)& her wishing star (Agnes Verger) offer to guide the children to a treasure which, if found can be theirs for free, but is worth more than all the money in all the world. The treasure has been hidden to protect it from the evil & selfish Mr. Jagadin Shmoole (Me), who discretely if not clumsily, stalks them in their song & dance journey which takes them around the world where they both experience & share the magic & happiness of Christmas...

Dancers & extras: Angelique Verger, Celeste Verger, Christophe Verger, Olivier Verger (Technician)& Rachel Angus.

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Luca said...

That is an awesome trailer. I look forward to watching the DVD.

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